The News from Frolic

Sweaters from White + Warren

Impeccably crafted knits for those who are passionate about feeling good in the clothing they wear.

White + Warren Sweaters

Tons of New Jewelry

If you’re in the mood to treat yourself to some brand new jewelry and fashion essentials, look no further than the new arrivals from Chan Luu.

Chan Luu Jewelry

Modern Classics from Maven West

Inspired by its southern California origins, Maven West embodies effortless and staple pieces designed to have easy care and easy wear.

New Denim for Back to School!

Fidelity is Truth. Fidelity is Integrity. Made by hand.
Crafted in Los Angeles.

Fidelity Denim

What to Wear this Fall from some of our Favorites!

Fall Fashion at Frolic

Announcing Frolic’s New Monthly Giveaway!

Come by the shop and drop your email address in the jar
and follow us on Instagram and Facebook
for your chance to win a

$100 Gift Certificate

Congratulations to August’s winner Jackie Combahee!

* Gift certificate only good for one month following date of issue